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I’m already pissed about origin and seeing stupid shit like this doesn’t help. #facebook #stupid (Taken with Instagram)
OH MY GOD…..i don’t know what to say…

So stupid

People who say “I’m not racist but…”, lol just stop right there, shut the fuck up and change it to “I’m racist and I wanted to say…”

What a turn around lol. Fucking idiot.

When a girls Facebook is hacked by a guy and the guy writes something like “I love dick” as the girls status. Why doesn’t the girl just delete it the second she sees it? instead of commenting the status saying “OMG IV BEEN HACKED!!1!11!” The longer she keeps it up there just proves how much of an attention seeker she is that most probably does “love dick”.

Rant over.

Was just on my newsfeed on Facebook ahahaha so stupid.
FIFA is serious business hahaha

While I’m angry I might have a lil rant about Facebook aswell.

Lol this girl I have on fb that gets like 70-80 likes on each photo she has, wrote up a status saying “if this status gets 50 likes I’ll upload a picture of my toes :P”….and yes it got 50 likes and yes she uploaded a pointless picture of her toes…honestly WHAT THE FUCK. And yeh that’s it.

lol at Facebook today…

There was about 15 statuses all about if they do or don’t support gay marriages and all of them had like a 50 + argument going on..and right now its 2:23 am and there is one going off as we speak lol